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I believe everyone should know the condition of their home or prospective home/investment.  For most it will be the largest financial investment of their lives. I love doing home inspections. But a home inspection is so much more than just the report itself.  A good home inspector is someone that not only knows what he is doing but also must be an effective communicator,  NOT an alarmist. A Home Inspector should never not  complete doing an inspection when he “thinks” he finds a problem large enough that would prevent the buyer from purchasing the home.  That is not the inspector’s decision. That is for the buyer to decide.  I do not want to be known as the fastest , busiest, or cheapest inspector. In fact I am slow and plan to stay that way. My desire is to be known as one of the “best” inspectors that takes a common since approach to home inspecting and communicates well to my clients.

I use HomeGauge  home inspection software for my report writing. HomeGauge in my opinion is the best inspection software in the industry. Reports are very easy to understand and color pictures are inserted right below the comments. HomeGuage allows me to totally customize your report to the unique features your home may have. Click on this Sample Report to see how your report will look.